David P. Curtis
Paintings and Plein Air Art Instruction

Home Sweet Home

Happy New Year 2020!

Made your New Year's Resolution yet?

Why not resolve to enjoy more Art? Creating it, buying it, or just appreciating a good painting, or piece of sculpture?

It is a well known axiom that art is a safe haven in stressful times.

David P. Curtis, Rocky Neck, East Gloucester, o/cb, 12 x 16, private collection

"The creative process helps reduce stress and anxiety. Creativity retrains you to accomplish just for the self instead of others." — Debbie Mandel

So why not think about testing your own artistic skills this year?

Watch this space. Workshops 2020 coming soon.

In the meantime, maybe you'd like a copy of my new book, Highlights & Accents...

Highlights & Accents is an 88-page full color paperback (11 x 8 ½ in.) featuring more than 40 of my essays covering various artists and aspects of art. $35.00 including shipping.