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Painting from the Masters with David P. Curtis

Saturday and Sunday, March 23 - 24, 2019
9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Registration Deadline: March 16, 2019

Upper Main Street, Rockport, Anthony Thieme (1888-1954), Oil on Canvas, 25 x 30, RAA&M Permanent Collection     CM

Following the time-honored tradition of improving one’s painting skills through the study of master artists, this two-day oil painting workshop will concentrate on replicating masterpieces from the RAA&M Permanent Collection. David Curtis will guide students through the artistic process as students copy works from the Museum Collection. Throughout the day, David will circulate in order to assist students with their understanding of how the selected artists went about creating his or her work while providing insight into the student's individual technique and style.

All levels welcome. A list of suggested materials will be provided in advance.
Registration Deadlines: Participants must register by the listed deadline – one week prior to the workshop. 
Cancellation policy:Up to 7 days prior – any payment minus $50. Tuition will not be refunded after this 7 day period. This policy is strictly enforced.

Please sign up direct at Rockport Art Association & Museum:


Featured below are a selection of works that will be available to copy. Once you have signed up with Rockport Art Association & Museum, please contact me to notify me of your choice of painting. No more than two students at a time can copy one painting due to space limitations, so please reserve your choice as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment.

And remember, you cannot copy sight size, so make sure your canvas choice is an appropriate size (i.e. smaller air larger by at least an inch in all directions. And these artists usually painted in an impressionistic direct painting method and you should aim to do the same, finishing your painting in two days.)

Charles Allan Winter, View of Gloucester, 20 x 24, 88.1.10

Albert R. Thayer, Nearest Way Home,16 x 20, 87.1.25

Carl Peters, Rockport Harbor IV, 30 x 36, 03.1.1

Paul Strisik, Sparkling Light, 34 1/2 x 44 1/5, 10.1.1. LLB

Paul Strisik, The Granite Pier, ca. 1960's, 24 x 30, 02.1.3

Marguerite S. Pearson, In the Quarry (Keystone Bridge). 14 x 16, 84.1.29

Marguerite S. Pearson, Large Still Life, 36 x 44, 84.1.6. RR

Emile A. Gruppe, Gloucester Harbor, 20 x 24, 90.1.2  AM

Antonio Cirino, Early Sunday Morning, 20 x 24, 84.1.22. KD

Antonio Cirino, Still Life, Peonies, 30 x 36, 84.1.100

Anthony Thieme, ld Salt Barque, Gloucester, 36 x 30, 84.1.11

Harriet Randall Lumis, View of Gloucester, 17 x 21, 87.1.10 GY

William B. Hazelton, Seascape with Rocks, 25 x 30, 86.1.16

Walter Bollendonk, Heavy Seas of Cape Ann, 24 x 30, 86.1.20

William Lester Stevens, Winter Scene, 20 x 24, 86.1.12

Grace Keast, Still Life, 25 x 28, 91.1.8

A. T. Hibbard, South Londonderry, Vermont, 24 x 36   (PM and LC)

A. T. Hibbard, Belmont Hills in Winter, 15 x 18, 12.1.4 (LCN)

Marian P. Sloane, Road to Dogtown, 26 x 32, 86.1.15. SD

Stanley Woodward, The Red Barn, Wilton, N.H. 25 x 30, 89.1.1

W. Lester Stevens, Rockport Quarry Pool, ca. 1926, 30 x 36, 07.1.1


Looking for some Sight and Insight? 


Check out the Sight & Insight podcast where David and Connie chat with art historian and writer Judy Curtis about all things Art. This is thinking outside the paintbox at its best!

One reproduces only that which is striking; that is to say, the necessary. Thus, one's recollections and inventions are liberated from the tyranny which nature exerts. ~ Edgar Degas


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